UtrechtInc wins 2nd place knowledge based incubator awards

“We are very proud to announce our latest title: ‘2nd fastest growing knowledge based incubator in 2014’! On a global level we scored on impact of graduates and revenue growth of current startups. So we definitely want to thank all the bright entrepreneurs in our community and our partners in knowledge UU, HU and UMCU.’’ says UtrechtInc director Roel Raatgever.

The title was awarded to UtrechtInc December 11th on the Annual Academic Entrepreneurship Conference in Enschede. This was the 12th run of the awards by organizers Technopolicy Network and the Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services. Based on benchmark studies and with the critical view of an expert jury they select their ‘star incubators’ of the year. Several variables such as number of tenants, successful graduations, self-sustainability and created jobs are being considered.

The overall winner (Best Knowledge Based Incubator 2014) was Tecnosinos Unitec in Brazil, this incubator also scored highest on Return on Investment. In the other categories Incubadora Impresad de Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal) was granted 1st place on self-sustainability and I3P Torino (Italy) surpassed UtrechtInc in fastest growth.

UtrechtInc believes ambitious entrepreneurship is essential for turning knowledge into innovations that contribute to a healthy society. So the UtrechtInc team agrees: ‘’For next year we strive to turn this growth into major impact on the world and become the bést knowledge based incubator’’. Want to help create this impact with your startupconcept? Deadline for the new incubation program is on Feb 12.

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About UtrechtInc

Business incubator UtrechtInc accelerates the growth of early stage (IT) startups during their first years of existence. We have created an ecosystem for startups to build innovative products, develop teams, attract funding and grow a successful business. Since 2009 we have supported and guided over 200 startups in Utrecht.