Blind guide app Lassie wins the Dutch Mobility Hackathon

The ANWB headquarters were hacked. During the Dutch Mobility Hackathon the ANWB, Schiphol and NS made data available to 65 hackers. The participants worked for 24 sleepless hours to concept and prototype new solutions for travelers. The winning idea: ‘Lassie’ - an app for the blind and visually impaired who travel by plane alone. The hackathon was organized in collaboration with startup incubator UtrechtInc.

The best teams presented their findings to a jury including Hessel Dikkers, CIO of the NS; Sjoerd Blüm, the CIO of Schiphol; and Lidwien Suur, CFO of the  ANWB. The first prize was awarded by Frits van Bruggen, CEO of the ANWB. Next to the winner ‘Lassie’, the jury also selected the following concepts for their inspirational nature and implementation potential:

●        Reisbrein: an app with personalized travel information based on individual preferences (car, train, bike).

●        Stewart: no more stress on an airplane. Travel smoothly and relax with real-time information and gamification.

●        MoodTrip: get travel advice depending on your mood. Meet new people on your way somewhere (for example, going to a concert) and share your ideas.

●        Where am I going: this app reveals the fastest route to a monument or photo-worthy location using using image recognition technology.

Using data and technology

By organizing this hackathon, the three largest transportation companies in the Netherlands are serving the growing and rapidly changing demand for mobility. According to ANWB CEO Frits van Bruggen: ‘We are continuously improving how we provide service. Utilizing data and technology makes it possible to more intelligently design mobility solutions for the Netherlands. This will make travelling safer, more flexible and more sustainable.’

Dutch Mobility Hackathon

To discover new opportunities in mobility, the ANWB, NS and Schiphol provided several datasets to the hackathon participants. Programmers and talented creatives were challenged to analyze the data, and combine and visualize information to find new solutions. Some challenges addressed included flight delays, train malfunctions and the provision of location-based services. On Friday the start siren rang out at the ANWB headquarters in The Hague. The teams worked through the night, with only a few taking a quick break with massages, the game room, or a power nap on (inflatable) beds.

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