Startup matchmaking: finding co-founders and building a team

24 Nov | MYC- Team up for impact

It’s not strange to find a startup still in need of new talent, or a scientist who’s seeking an entrepreneur to kickstart a company from research. That’s why UtrechtInc is organizing a matchmaking session on November 24, 2017. The biannual event MYC: team up with startups brings together (future) startups with complementary co-founders and team members. Let’s work together to bring these innovations to market!

Who are the (future) startups?

- Startups based in the Utrecht region

- Entrepreneurs with a business concept

- Scientists with a business concept or commercial application

- Research projects

- Business propositions in clean tech

- All startups are selected by UtrechtInc, Climate-KIC, UU, UMCU and HU

Who are they looking for?

- Potential co-founders (to drive growth and development)

- Professionals who want to work at a startup

- Young professionals with a little experience, seasoned professionals with lots of experience and everybody in between

- People specialized in Business Development, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT and Marketing

“no matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.” - Reid Hoffman, co-founder Linkedin

Reid Hoffman, co-founder Linkedin

Program November 24

Startups, scientists and concept owners will have a booth in our informal startup marketplace. During the event there are pre-organized “speed dating” sessions, plenary pitches and people from the UtrechtInc team will be actively matchmaking. We’ll provide a list of job roles and potential matches based on profiles. Potential co-founders and professionals will also have the chance to explore the marketplace booths and discover if there’s a match with one or more startups. After the sessions, there’s a networking drink!

4:00 PM walk-in

4:3o PM welcome speech

4:45 PM matchmaking part 1: speed dating

5:45 PM matchmaking part 2: job marketplace & networking drink

7:00 PM end


UtrechtInc & Climate-KIC

Kruytgebouw, 1st floor Padualaan 83584 CH Utrecht



€0 – this one’s on us!

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