Meet six new startups at UtrechtInc

Six new teams at startup incubator UtrechtInc just began a four-month journey to create a scalable business model, acquire paying customers, hire a complementary team and build a working product. With the addition of these six new startups, the incubator counts a total of 30 startups under one roof. Successful ‘graduate’ companies include ViriCiti, The Hyve and StuComm. (Dutch version)

Who are the new six? Closure, Goings-On, Campfire, Marcopolobot, Perfect Place and PostMe. During the two-week Kick Off the startups got straight to work. Ira de Jong, one of the new entrepreneurs from PostMe: “I already feel like our company is growing just by being here in the building.”

Chantal van der Velde from Closure continues: “We’re a startup built on expertise, but as an entrepreneur you need to learn to be somewhat of an expert at everything. UtrechtInc allows you to develop that knowledge and those skills. It’s an inspiring environment full of incredibly helpful people.”


On UtrechtInc Demo Day - January 18 2018 - the six new startups will present their progress. If the startup has proven successful, the team will be granted access to startup capital and the follow-up incubator program at UtrechtInc. 

Meet the new kids in town

Read on to find out more about the six new startups:


When someone passes away, next of kin can close out all accounts, contracts and subscriptions. Avoid recurring costs and identity fraud. Cope with loss, not administrative hassle.


Automate lending to margin traders and earn interest on cryptocurrencies.

Founders: Kai Bakker and Guus Baggen


Cancer patients and their loved ones can monitor status with input from doctors and the patient, improving the relevance of treatment and rehabilitation for everyone.

Founders: Petra Hoogendoorn and Peter Boonstra


Meet new people real-time through the internet. Meet the social app for spontaneous get-togethers. See who’s around and start or join a Campfire.

Perfect Place

Investigate quality of life for a variety of consumer groups in a geographic area. Use big data to reduce risks when making decisions on zoning, real estate investments and healthcare policy.

Founders: Johan Westerbeek and Anton Los


Send thoughts, gifts and memories to a digital lockbox that opens for loved ones at a specially chosen moment.

Photo by: Marli Klok

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