ANWB, Schiphol and NS give data to hackers

Mobility partners organize Dutch Mobility Hackathon

Planes, trains and automobiles - the ANWB, NS and Schiphol make sure millions of people reach their destinations every day. For the first time these three large Dutch mobility partners will provide actual data during the Dutch Mobility Hackathon on 17 and 18 November. Developers and other (data) specialists will be challenged to analyze, combine and visualize the data to discover opportunities for innovation. The hackathon is organized in collaboration with startup incubator UtrechtInc.

For the first time these captains of industry will work together to provide over 20 datasets to hackathon participants. They’re in search of smart, sustainable mobility solutions - key to improving well-being in the Netherlands and a critical factor in meeting international climate change goals. Technology and data play a key role in developing these solutions.

From data to innovation

The ANWB, Schiphol and NS collect more information every day. They’re making this data available during the Dutch Mobility Hackathon. Hackers and other ambitious students, professionals and mobility experts are invited to dive into the datasets and discover opportunities for improvement and innovation for the three organizations.

Dutch Mobility Hackathon

The hackathon is organized in partnership with UtrechtInc. Teams of developers, marketers, designers, data scientists and mobility experts work together in 24 hours to concept and prototype smart mobility solutions for the Netherlands: challenges such as traffic jams, flight delays, location services, road assistance, traffic safety, train outages and route guidance. A jury will determine on Saturday during the finale which team will be awarded prizes. Participants can register for free on the event website or directly via Eventbrite.

Event information

Start: Friday 17 November 14.00

End: Saturday 18 November 17.00

Data: dumps and APIs related to: traffic history, roadside assistance calls, route information, braking events, actual flight, train and traffic information, travel advisories, outages, stations and gas station locations, and much more!

Location: Wassenaarseweg 220 The Hague, ANWB headquarters

Participation: via registration form (free)

Prizes: Gadgets, travel vouchers and VIP-packages with a total value of € 12.000

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Download PDF
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