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UtrechtInc supports VIVAT with innovation

Since November 2016, an innovation team from VIVAT Insurance has been working at UtrechtInc. With assistance from the startup incubator, VIVAT is working on innovations based on customer needs. This means that customers are the starting point for signaling and developing answers to market opportunities. On February 16 the team presented the results of their research and experiments to VIVAT's Innovation Board. After getting a green light, the innovation team will continue at UtrechtInc to implement a new offering for independent professionals.

In an interview with Startup Juncture in January 2017, VIVAT CEO Ron van Oijen states that the insurance company wants to grow by investing in innovation. He agrees that startups can meet the needs of customers: “We want to work with these pioneers to further stimulate innovation in our culture.”

Finding a connection with customers

Innovation requires new ways of thinking. By placing a team from the organization among startups VIVAT wants to challenge them to think like innovative entrepreneurs. A team of three colleagues made the startup method their own and developed a new proposition: “Three days a week, totally outside the ‘regular’ way of doing things, focused on doing research, experiments and having conversations with customers. We identified a segment of customers with potential and sought to find out what drives them, what challenges they have and how we can provide an answer to that. Our result is a new insurance product designed for independent professionals.”

Continuing the collaboration

With a positive judgement from VIVAT's Innovation Board on February 16, the innovation is moving on to the following phase: implementation. The innovation team from VIVAT will receive coaching at UtrechtInc to continue the startup trajectory. “UtrechtInc is the ideal workplace to take big steps in a short period of time: we have access to excellent facilities, workshops and can use other entrepreneurs here as a sounding board.” In the meantime the team has continued their experiments. “We’re giving it everything we’ve got in order to serve our customers better.”

Want to innovate at UtrechtInc too?

Get in touch with us to talk about the opportunities for innovation at UtrechtInc. jorg@utrechtinc.nl | 030 253 6169

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