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Meet the six new UtrechtInc startups

UtrechtInc welcomes 6 newcomers. Happi, uCrowds and LeanLibrary - as academic startups – have been selected for the fourth round of Science Venture. SensorFact, BOLAS and eCase Studies have reached the tenth edition of the Pressure Cooker. New to this latest round is Ruben Brand’s guidance of the content of both startup programmes and the involvement of Firmhouse.

Intensive Kick Off

Masterclasses like Team Analysis, Business Model Canvas from BusinessModels.inc, Finance, Accounting and Experiment Design, have given the new startups a solid foundation for achieving solid business growth. “Two intensive weeks in which we mastered all the aspects of a startup in a lively and interesting way," notes Joop Arends from Happi, enthusiastically.

Progress sessions with Firmhouse

In the coming months, the entrepreneurs will gain access to knowledge, workshops and expertise. Ruben Brands – Acceleration Manager at UtrechtInc from March 2016 – will work together with FirmHouse on experiments with the startups on a fortnightly basis. The startups will subsequently keep each other informed of their progress in short sessions, and share feedback, making any necessary adjustments. FirmHouse: "We look forward to this new and intensive cooperation with UtrechtInc." The aim of these experiments is to help the startups grow their income. "In addition, we stimulate interaction by giving mentors access to an online tool which intuitively keeps them up-to-date on ‘their’ startups’ progress. In this way they can better and more quickly respond to any issues faced by their startups."


Curious to learn more about these 6 new UtrechtInc startups? Here’s a brief summary of each startup.

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Happi | Improves patients’ autonomy by giving them continuous insights into their own medical data. At this moment, the app has been developed especially for HIV patients.

Founders: Joop Arends and Daan Jansen

UtrechtInc program: Science Venture

Link with UMC Utrecht

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uCrowds | Software which simulates crowds, integrated in client software products (can be used for safety during events like Love Parade or the pilgrimage to Mecca). And offered as a plug-in for game engines.

UtrechtInc program: Science Venture

Link with Utrecht University

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LeanLibrary | Digital services for (university) libraries, providing users with quick and easy access to academic databases.

Founder: Johan Tilstra

UtrechtInc program: Science Venture

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SensorFact | Software for process optimization for industrial Small and Medium sized Enterprises, resulting in savings on operational costs without no need for prior investment.

UtrechtInc program: Pressure Cooker

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BOLAS | A project and research tool which helps students to filter, save and share the most relevant and reliable sources from Google and academic databases.

Founders: Thomas de Jong and Jaap de Jong

UtrechtInc program: Pressure Cooker

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eCase Studies: Aims to become world leader in business education by developing interactive simulations and augmented & virtual reality software.

Founders: Juan Carlos RomeroNatalia Samborska and Renato Fellipa

UtrechtInc program: Pressure Cooker

About UtrechtInc

In the Utrecht Science Park, business incubator UtrechtInc supports entrepreneurs and researchers to successfully start (IT) companies. In the accelerated startup program they work towards a scalable business model, paying customers and a working product. UtrechtInc has supported over 150 startups, and next to content-focused programmes also offers financing, office space, coaching and a startup community. UtrechtInc is proud to partner with Universiteit UtrechtUMC UtrechtHogeschool Utrecht and Rabobank Utrecht.

More information

For questions, an interview (with the startups) or for more information: Elina Schafer | Marketing & Communication | elina@utrechtinc.nl | 030 253 6169

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About UtrechtInc

Business incubator UtrechtInc accelerates the growth of early stage (IT) startups during their first years of existence. We have created an ecosystem for startups to build innovative products, develop teams, attract funding and grow a successful business. Since 2009 we have supported and guided over 200 startups in Utrecht.