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ANWB and Menzis seek startups for collaboration

The ANWB and Menzis strive to support the Dutch population to lead active lives and be as healthy and safe as possible when on the road. Solutions from companies with innovative ideas can help them achieve this. The startup incubator UtrechtInc will bring the best of the GetMoving submissions together on October 11, and present these to the CEOs of the ANWB and Menzis. The winning startup will be given the chance to complete a paid project.

UtrechtInc Director Jorg Kop, “Startups have the agility and creativity to build innovative products and services. And, they’re also looking for customers. UtrechtInc brings them together.” Frits van Bruggen, General Manager of the ANWB continues, “By developing new innovations together with startups, we’re making smart use of each other’s strengths, and we can improve our services to our members.” Get Moving is a follow-up to an earlier collaboration between UtrechtInc and the ANWB. “The projects we’re working on now prove that this approach really works”, says van Bruggen.


The ANWB, Menzis and UtrechtInc have organized Get Moving to search for new startups. A selection of all the submissions will be invited for a meet and greet on October 11. They will also be given feedback by experts, and the winning pitch will be rewarded with a networking lunch with the CEOs of both companies. “In the end, not only the winning pitch has a chance to work together with us, but we’ll look at the relevance of all the submissions”, says Menzis’ CEO, Ruben Wenselaar. Both early-stage startups and those active on the market can participate in the competition.

Open Innovation

The ANWB and Menzis help millions of Dutch citizens to enjoy an optimal active and mobile lifestyle: to live healthy, safe and practical lives. With Get Moving, both companies are looking for collaboration with startups, working together on innovations in the fields of active lifestyles and social participation. Examples can be things like a triathlon on the way to work, or a bootcamp with the neighbours. But also mobility solutions, for when the unexpected happens, like losing your bike keys, feeling unsafe, or if you have an acute need for care. Solutions can be both non-technological or technology driven, for example big data, the internet of things, location based services, and/or quantified self.

Companies interested in participating can register until 22 September 2016 on www.utrechtinc.nl/getmoving



The Royal Dutch Tourist Association ANWB is an association with a unique mix of influential and service-oriented activities looking after the needs of its members in mobility, vacation and free time. In doing so, the ANWB aims to contribute to societal sustainable development. For more information about the ANWB, visit www.anwb.nl/over-anwb.


Menzis has been a non-profit cooperative since 1836, a health insurance firm with 2.25 million members. We have no shareholders, and our Member Council is our highest governing body. Everyone is welcome at Menzis: ill or healthy, young or old. We are committed to providing access to affordable, quality healthcare for everyone, strengthening the power of life of every person. That’s the power of Menzis.


Bright entrepreneurs; healthy society

UtrechtInc is the startup incubator for Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht, and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. We believe that ambitious entrepreneurship is essential to transforming ideas and research into companies with a positive impact on society. Entrepreneurs and researchers are given the support they need to successfully start their (IT) companies. These pioneers work quickly in the startup program on developing a scalable business model, finding paying customers, and creating a working product. UtrechtInc, founded in 2009, has supported 150 startups to date. In addition to our startup programs, we also offer financing, office space, new talent, coaching, and a dynamic startup community.

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About UtrechtInc

Business incubator UtrechtInc accelerates the growth of early stage (IT) startups during their first years of existence. We have created an ecosystem for startups to build innovative products, develop teams, attract funding and grow a successful business. Since 2009 we have supported and guided over 200 startups in Utrecht.