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UtrechtInc opens creative hub, the Garage

On 28 June incubator UtrechtInc opened the Garage. In this ‘pre-incubator’ startups, researchers, companies and students can experiment in the early stages of innovative startup concepts which support the development of a healthy society.  


More than 100 visitors walked into the new Garage for the first time on Tuesday. At the official opening moment, the mayor of Utrecht Jan van Zanen and President of the Utrecht University Executive Board of Marjan Oudeman lit up the Tree of Inspiration for the first time. Activist entrepreneur and the event’s keynote speaker Igor Kluin believes in honest business. In his keynote he highlighted the power of startups to break through the existing strongholds of industry in order to create healthier economies. Moderator and UU’s Marketing Communications director Cor Jansen introduced UtrechtInc’s Ideation Manager Marcellien Breedveld, who reflected on the new opportunities made possible by the Garage.

Thinkering in the Garage

With the award of a subsidy from the Utrecht Local Economic Funds in October 2015, UtrechtInc and the Universiteit Utrecht received funding for the Garage. An old glassworks in the wing next to UtrechtInc has been renovated to a place to tinker with concepts for sustainable startups. The name ‘Garage’ refers to the birthplace of some of today’s most successful companies, like HP and Apple.

Building businesses with impact

In the Garage, solutions are found to creating a healthier way of working, eating, learning, traveling, relaxing and consuming in big cities. The goal for this co-working space in Utrecht is to bring together innovators, (potential) entrepreneurs, researchers, corporations and students. By having a place to try things out, people can work here together to build the innovations of tomorrow. Ideas and concepts are worked out to scalable products and services and may eventually grow into companies that contribute to building a healthier community. “These “green apples” which come to fruition from everything done in the Garage can continue on in the acceleration and growth programs of our incubator”, says Marcellien Breedveld.

Pre-startup phase

The Garage is a place in the UtrechtInc community UtrechtInc where individuals, teams and other organisations can meet with each other during the pre-startup phase. Partners including Climate-KIC and faculty from several of Utrecht’s knowledge institutions will run elements of their entrepreneurship programs here. Entrepreneurs in the idea stage go to work on their startup concepts. Researchers can come to the Garage to investigate if a startup may be the next step in their careers. Corporates bring issues encountered in the workfield that can be tackled with the help of startups. Students can participate in entrepreneurship projects or find an internship or (part-time) job.


The Garage is made up of a variety of rooms that are furnished with spots to work or spaces that can be rented for hackathons, trainings, events, workshops or meetings. Startup expertise, matchmaking and space to experiment can be found in the Garage on the Padualaan, in the wing right next door to UtrechtInc.


Register now and get free access in the 2016 summer months July and August.  

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About UtrechtInc

Business incubator UtrechtInc accelerates the growth of early stage (IT) startups during their first years of existence. We have created an ecosystem for startups to build innovative products, develop teams, attract funding and grow a successful business. Since 2009 we have supported and guided over 200 startups in Utrecht.