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Six new startups at UtrechtInc

With six new startups in house, incubator UtrechtInc is now 34 startups strong. Boekzorg, 2daysmoodDialogueTrainer, EdutainmentGames, Faqta and Your Next Concepts have been selected for the ninth generation of the startup program the Pressure Cooker. 

After two intensive kick off weeks, today the six new startups pitch their companies to the entire UtrechtInc community. Faqta: “This environment with the other startups peers is energising. Over the next four month, we’ll give shape to our proposition to become a successful company.” 

Smart entrepreneurs

In the Utrecht Science Park, startups with an innovation for society learn how go to market at UtrechtInc. “Here you are constantly inspired by knowledge, advice and critical questions”, explains participant Casper van Schuppen of Your Next Concepts. “Experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and experts. The UtrechtInc network gives us insight into how to be smart entrepreneurs.” Ronald Wissink is Managing Partner of Value Creation Capital and one of the mentors to be paired with the pioneers. “UtrechtInc has successfully attracted six promising startups, nearly half of them are focused on education. For me their potential is again higher than last year.”  

These are the six new startups at UtrechtInc

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Boekzorg | Digital platform for consumers to search for, compare, and make an appointment with healthcare providers | Founders: Martijn Stalenhoef, Gerben Boot and Jorn de Koning | Linked to HU

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Faqta | The Netflix for elementary schools: an adventurous, interactive program for talent development and knowledge of the world for groups 3 to 8, at school and at home | Founders: Anouk Binkhuysen and Jan van Wonderen

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Your Next Concepts | Academy Attendance improves higher education by giving educators and students real-time (attendance) information | Founders: Gijs Bootsen, Peter Boot and Casper Schuppen | Linked to UU

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EdutainmentGames | High impact educational math games for students in elementary schools | Founders: Tommie Wildschut and Jeroen Verloop | Linked to UU, HU, HKU

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2daysmood | Helps organizations improve the way they measure employee satisfaction and engagement. We do this by gathering feedback from the work floor by creating short, simple and fun interactions with employees, continuously creating actionable and easy-to-understand reports | Founders: Jan Pronk and Menno Wielbouwer

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DialogueTrainer | Game-based e-learning environment where students and professionals can practice and master conversation skills| Founders: Michiel Hulsbergen, Henk van Zeijts and Prof. Johan Jeuring | Linked to UU

About UtrechtInc

In the Utrecht Science Park, business incubator UtrechtInc supports entrepreneurs and researchers to successfully start (IT) companies. In the accelerated startup program they work towards a scalable business model, paying customers and a working product. UtrechtInc has supported over 150 startups, and next to content-focused programmes also offers financing, office space, coaching and a startup community. UtrechtInc is proud to partner with Universiteit UtrechtUMC UtrechtHogeschool Utrecht and Rabobank Utrecht.

More information

For questions, an interview (with the startups) or for more information: Elina Schafer | Marketing & Communication | elina@utrechtinc.nl | 030 253 6169

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About UtrechtInc

Business incubator UtrechtInc accelerates the growth of early stage (IT) startups during their first years of existence. We have created an ecosystem for startups to build innovative products, develop teams, attract funding and grow a successful business. Since 2009 we have supported and guided over 200 startups in Utrecht.