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Matchmaking: Startups, co-founders, talent | Apr 15

Finding a co-founder for your startup, or join one yourself? Visit this event on April 15 in Beatrixgebouw and meet entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, business developers and IT professionals.

A strong, complementary team has a greater chance of success than a single entrepreneur. Reinforced startups possess more talent and knowledge and have a greater capacity to grow. The purpose of ‘Meet Your Co-founder’ is a matchmaking of startups without a team to people who want to join in on a new startup idea. Incubator UtrechtInc and Computable are organizing upcoming speed dates during Appril Festival 2016.

This netwerkevent (free) is for you a must if you…

… Are developing your startup, and your team is not yet complete: On April 15 you will meet entrepreneurs, investors, business developers and (IT) specialists who are looking for startup ideas to join. During this event you will come to know more about their expertise and commitment. Sign up! Who knows you will find the right partner for your business.

… Are looking for new startup ideas to join: On April 15 you will meet with startups who are looking for fellow entrepreneurs. In general they are looking for people with a technical (IT) or a commercial/business development background. Someone with a hands-on mentality who can energetically take on the operational or the financial aspect of the startup. Sign up! Who knows you will get inspired to join a startup as a co-founder.


17:00 How to build a winning team

17:15 Meet Your Co-founder – Speeddates

18:30 Drinks

19:30 End


Whether you have your own startup or you want to join one, sign up for this great event. You will get an oversight of all the applications, so you can prepare and decide who you would like to meet on April 15.

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