Jorg Kop new Managing Director of UtrechtInc

Starting january 1st, 2016, Jorg Kop – Co-founder of graduate SnappCar – will lead startup incubator UtrechtInc.

Jorg Kop has occupied various entrepreneurial marketing-, sales-, and general management roles at different companies, from startups to publicly traded corporates. He will return to Utrecht Science Park to join the UtrechtInc team, filled with enthusiasm.

Roel Raatgever, director until January 1st, 2016, about Jorg Kop: “I’m delighted with the choice for Jorg as new Managing Director for UtrechtInc. Jorg combines startup and corporate experience, and exactly this combination is needed for the next phase in the growth of UtrechtInc. I can entrust him with UtrechtInc.”

Would you like to know more about Jorg Kop? Get to know him through the interview below.

Where does your preference for startups originate?

Established companies insufficiently realise that the ‘distrupt or be distrupted’ discussion should be high on the agenda. Startups exploit this silence to rebel with innovative ideas and business models. The explosion of positive energy required to build a potential growth engine out of nothing is contagious. It means progress – and I want to be a part of that.

Why UtrechtInc?

UtrechtInc belongs to the ‘leading business incubators’ of Europe. I was fortunate enough to experience the added value of UtrechtInc in practice. In 2011 and 2012, I was part of the community with startup SnappCar. And in the years afterwards, my enthusiasm for UtrechtInc grew through my involvement as a mentor. I feel at home in this innovative environment which is full of activity and I’m looking forward to bring UtrechtInc to the next chapter of growth.

What did you do up to December 1st 2015?

Through the years I’ve guided companies through growth, acquisition, exits, startups, mergers, reorganizations and bankruptcies. In the past three years I’ve primarily been occupied to turn the daughter of a Swedish commercial interior company into a profitable subsidiary. In addition I’ve been a mentor to several startups. I noticed that the world of startups kept tugging at my heartstrings and I knew that my next move should be back into this world.

What kind of opportunities do you see?

I think the primary opportunity lies in clarity. For example by focusing on entrepreneurs, PhDs and scientists (preferably from UU, HU and the University Medical Center Utrecht) with specific ideas for innovative and scalable products or processes within E-health, E-learning or E-climate that combine a unique IT component with a positive impact on society.

UtrechtInc is at the eve of many inspiring changes. First and foremost is the further improvement of the accelerator programs for our startups. We want to support them as best as we can towards a ‘scale fast or fail’ moment. Other examples are the opening of the UtrechtInc Garage (the sustainability program) in the new wing, the leverage effect achieved by Startup Delta and the constructive dialogue with all stakeholders involved. There are so many opportunities for UtrechtInc. We will focus on the best ones to maximize our impact on society through entrepreneurship.

What does nobody know about you?

Some people are merely poor in gaming, but others are truly clumsy and awkward. According to my kids, I belong to the latter category: totally uncool.

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