Utrecht University and UtrechtInc get funding for sustainable startups

Subsidy from the Utrecht Local Economic Funds

Utrecht University and startup incubator UtrechtInc took the initiative to make room for more sustainable startups at UtrechtInc. Utrecht University and UtrechtInc received €600.000 of funding on 7 October with the award of the LEF-subsidy from the Lokaal Economisch Fonds Utrecht. This collaborative sustainability program is focused on making an active contribution to a healthy community and environment.

UtrechtInc Garage

The creative breeding ground for sustainable startups will be christened in the first months of 2016 at UtrechtInc in the Utrecht Science Park on the Padualaan. In the northern wing of the building UtrechtInc will gain 600 m2 of additional space. The name UtrechtInc Garage refers to the birthplace of successful companies like HP and Apple. (see the picture/video below)

“The Garage is a platform where we’re not only working on our own sustainability initiatives”, says UtrechtInc director Roel Raatgever. Our partners Utrecht Sustainability Instituut and ClimateKIC will bring startups and activities together here too.”

Students, researchers and (budding) companies can meet each other in the UtrechtInc Garage and come up with new sustainable solutions together. New challenges are brought to the table by both companies and government institutions. There is also a co-working space where those ideas come to life in real projects and well-founded companies.

“The complex challenges of today require creative solutions and entrepreneurship. Ideas with impact come about when you’re prepared to work together and look further than your own field of expertise”, emphasizes Marjan Oudeman, chair of the Utrecht University executive board.

Investing in employment

UtrechtInc set a goal to generate 30 new sustainable companies with this program. In time this will definitely lead to at least 150 new jobs. Jeroen Kreijkamp, city councillor of Utrecht Economic Affairs: “Investments in UtrechtInc have already created jobs. I’m happy that we can continue to do this.

Read more about the LEF - Lokaal Economisch Fonds Utrecht in Dutch on the Gemeente Utrecht website.

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