RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij to support startups at UtrechtInc

RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij Accountants and Tax Advisors and UtrechtInc believe that supporting ambitious entrepreneurs is essential for innovation with a positive, sustainable impact on society. To put weight behind this vision, RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij and startup incubator UtrechtInc signed an agreement on 8 October to cooperate in supporting startups. Pick This Up, one of UtrechtInc’s 30 startups is already enjoying the benefits of this startup community: “Excellent that as a part of UtrechtInc we can get access to RSM expertise.”

International ambitions

By working with RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij, UtrechtInc has an international partner for queries from its in-house entrepreneurs regarding administration, accountancy and finance. Current UtrechtInc director Roel Raatgever sums up the advantage: “In this way we’re able to serve our startups in an optimal way, from the raw beginnings to the various stages of international growth.” Managing partner at RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij Rudolf Winkenius also sees the cooperation as logical one and adds: “For us there’s nothing more satisfying to support local starters and to connect them worldwide via the RSM network.”

Insight into administration

Maarten van Leeuwen is a consultant at Brouwer & Oudhof - part of RSM - and knows that startups don’t need a lecture on administration 101. For three years he’s been working in the trenches with startups at Amsterdam’s Rockstart. Starting this month he’ll be working with the UtrechtInc startups to help them create their financial systems in a smart way from the start. According to van Leeuwen, it’s critical to plan ahead: “If you’re scalable and your business grows suddenly, then it’s important that the entire back office immediately scales accordingly. Moreover, with insight into your administration you are in control of your results, and that adds value for investors.”

To kick off the collaboration, UtrechtInc organised a lunch with the startup community.

About RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij
RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij is an accountant and tax law advisory firm with a team of 230 experienced professionals in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht. RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij is part of the international RSM-network. This network is the world’s seventh largest internationally operating accountancy firm with over 740 offices in over 112 countries.

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About UtrechtInc

Business incubator UtrechtInc accelerates the growth of early stage (IT) startups during their first years of existence. We have created an ecosystem for startups to build innovative products, develop teams, attract funding and grow a successful business. Since 2009 we have supported and guided over 200 startups in Utrecht.