Solease raises € 4 million funding to lease solar panels to households

With pride we announce that Solease raised €4 million in project funding from the Overijssel Energy Funds, the Limburg Energy Funds and Energy Funds Utrecht. This means nearly 1.000 individual households will soon be outfitted to create energy with solar panels in the municipalities of Overijssel, Limburg and Utrecht. Rather than having the individual homeowners each purchase solar panels for their own roof, they lease the solar panels from Solease.

After securing this financing Solease can expand their reach to include up to 5.000 households. In time, this will reduce yearly CO2 emisions by 10.000 metric tons, comparable to 100 million km of car exhaust or the yearly absorption of 500.000 trees. 


In Limburg, in cooperation with the Limburg Energy Funds (LEF), Solease rents solar panels to 180 households. To find out more and get involved visit their website

The Limburgs Energie Fonds (LEF) B.V. supports projects in or for the province of Limburg to save energy and generate energy in sustainable ways. Funds are awarded to projects that can demonstrate a cost-effective solution for the reduction of CO2 emissions. 


In Utrecht, Solease cooperates with Energy Funds Utrecht to lease solar panels to 160 households. To find out more and get involved, visit their website.


In Overijssel, Solease cooperates with the Overijssel Energy Funds to rent solar panels to 500 households. To learn more and get involved, visit their website.  

Overijssel Energy Funds is untraditional financing for projects to save energy and produce new energy. No subsidies, but participatory funding, loans and co-signing. The Overijssel Energy Funds thereby contributes to job creation, entrepreneurship and innovation. It also contributes to Overijssel’s goal: 20% new energy in 2023.

“With Solease we are making an important contribution to the transition to clean energy in the Netherlands and a sustainable future for the next generation. With the support of the energy funds we can make it possible for more households in Utrecht, Limburg and Overijssel to easily lease solar panels and take part in the transition.„  CFO Roderick van Wisselingh, Solease 

How does the concept of leasing a solar panel work?

For an average monthly price of €50, Solease takes care of everything: purchase, installation, monitoring, repair and insurance. Customers save 10 to 20% on energy costs immediately, no hassle. They also reduce their yearly CO2 emissions by 2 metric tons on average. Above all, Solease is flexible: they make it easy to eventually buy the solar panels or move house and give up or transfer the contract. 

About Solease

Solease leases solar panels to private homeowners and businesses with a hassle-free concept. The Solease model works with a fixed monthly lease amount which in addition to system purchase and installation also covers the financing, insurance, monitoring and repairs. Customers can without investment immediately save between 10 % and 20 % on their electricity costs in year 1 and also drastically reduce their CO2 emissions. The contract is completely flexible whereby each month the system can be outright purchased, handed over to a new home owner or given back to Solease. As such everyone can now switch to sustainable solar power from their own roof. See also:

Note for the press

For more information about the Limburg Energy Funds contact  Jan-Willem König via mail or 06-12 61 03 92.

For more information about the Energy Funds Utrecht contact Anne Louise de Goeij via mail or 06-41 98 38 64.

For more information about the Overijssel Energy Funds contact via mail or 06-10 96 34 32.

For more information about Solease contact Pierre Vermeulen via mail of 06-51 13 74 47

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